Toomanyitems Mod 1.8/1.7.10

Toomanyitems mod is a minecraft mode that allows you to create and customize items. It is not supported by online servers. However, it adds an exciting GUI which allows access to myriad features without changing your game mode.

Apart from the fact that this mode is very easy to install, there are other elements it brings with it to make minecraft refreshing, easy and fun. To start with, activation and deactivation of this mode requires pressing the key ‘o’ once inside your inventory. This is a default key and may be changed. Opening your inventory is done by pressing key ‘e’. Once activated, you are introduced to the new GUI. The left side of your screen displays the saves section. The right side is the total package. It displays all available in minecraft and three more selections in addition to this.

The first is a well animated chest. This opens up the list. The next selection is a perfectly animated star’s image. This is the entrance to the list of your favorites. This is the list of items that you need quick access to. It allows addition of any item and armory. You can also add blocks to use when spawning. The third selection is a symbol of a book where your enchanting section lies. To enchant an item, simply drag it here and customize it using a given list.

Another interesting feature about this mode is the trash can. It gives the player the ability to delete items added easily. If deleting individually, simply right click an item and chose to delete it. To delete all items making up your inventory in entirety, simply shift click an item and this would be done in a single move.


  • Removed Herobrine spawner
  • Enhanced enchantment section
  • Fuzzy search- doesn’t require typing all letters to search
  • Easy editing of favorites section
  • A prompt to toggle weather and time
  • A prompt to fill health and food.

In Short:

This mode is ideal for single players though it also supports multi-players. For a player to play on an online server, he or she must be a server operator. This mode grants you the easiest way to play minecraft,access to an unlimited number of items and features and an unforgettable gaming experience.

How to install:

  • Please make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed.
  • Download your version of the Toomanyitems Mod from below.
  • Find the minecraft application folder.
    • Windows: Open the Start Menu and go to Run. Type %appdata% and click Run.
    • Mac: Open finder. While holding down ALT, click Go. Then on Library in the top menu bar. Now open the folder "Application Support" and look for minecraft.
  • Open the "mods" folder.
  • Put the downloaded file (.jar file) into the mods folder.
  • Now start Minecraft. Click the mods button.
  • Congatulations! You should now see your brand new installed mod.

Downloads for Toomanyitems Mod 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2

... for Minecraft 1.8 →
| Download for 1.8
... for Minecraft 1.7.10 →
| Download for 1.7.10
... for Minecraft 1.7.2 →
| Download for 1.7.2
... for Minecraft 1.6.4 →
| Download for 1.6.4
... for Minecraft 1.6.2 →
| Download for 1.6.2
... for Minecraft 1.5.2 →
| Download for 1.5.2